The Church of England Vs Payday Loans

BBC Radio: 28th May 2014

On Radio 4 Today’s programme, Sir Hector Sants (previously head of the FSA) and now heading up the Archbishop’s task force did not deny that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, is out to close down the Payday Lenders by “competing them out of business”.

So how does the Church intend to do this? Well the Church is going to make facilities available and provide support so that Credit Unions can set up &/or develop in the UK as they have in the States but within the Church community. Previously the Church have labelled this ‘CCCN’ or, The Church Credit Champions Network.
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Guarantor Loan Vs Pawn Broking Vs Payday Loan

The following shows comprehensively why Guarantor loans beat both Payday loans and Pawnbroking not only as the lowest cost loan, but also in terms of flexibility, period of repayment and risk to your cherished possessions. So is there a downside? Not if you can find a Guarantor (friend or family) and know you can afford the regular monthly repayments. Read on……………….

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