The 12 Days of Christmas according to LendFair

The 12 days of Christmas according to LendFair














The twelve days of Christmas. Just for fun and if you’re on a budget.  Look out every day for the next 12 days for some Christmas present inspiration. Courtesy of



On the first day of Christmas…… Forget the partridge in a pear tree, and send your loved one a gift voucher for Nandos. From just £10 they’ll love you!



On the second day of Christmas………..OK, swap the two turtle doves for a turtle neck sweater or top; from just a tenner at Matalan!



On the third day of Christmas…. Ok the loved one is still there and still wanting; Three French hens? Get three fresh chickens at Tesco, only £10! Cook a chicken curry dinner and stay in to save money to buy more presents!



On the fourth day of Christmas. Four calling birds? What are they anyway – seems they are black birds? So, get the loved one some bird seed, £1.50 in Wilko and let them catch their own!



On the fifth day of Christmas. Five gold rings? Really? Sounds expensive. Substitute a packet of Hula Hoops, at least 20 gold rings and tasty too! And 7 bags for a pound at your favourite supermarket!


On the sixth day of Christmas. Six geese a laying? So that’s, what, six eggs? You can get 10 eggs for 80p at Lidl. Bargain! Still if your true love is a posh bird 6 geese eggs from a game dealer will cost around £6.50 and they make smashing omelettes. Ouch!



On the seventh day of Christmas. Your loved one is still wanting more and it’s, err, seven swans a swimming. Right, buy 7 plastic ducks from Poundland for, err, well, a pound; and a blow up paddling pool – about £5 on-line. Add a  broom handle with a cup hook, and go duck hooking; better than any fun-fair kiosk and you get to keep the duck!



On the eighth day of Christmas. Eight Maids a milking? Reduce that by 7 and go fancy dress as the parlour maid….. For him? A mop and bucket; show him who’s boss!



On the ninth day of Christmas. It’s nine ladies dancing. Settle for one and buy a bottle of Champagne just £14 in Sainsburys, or £40 for ‘Patsy’s favourite; Bollinger. That should get your lady dancing! Or worse, your man singing.



On the tenth day of Christmas. Ten Lords a leaping? Unlikely, they’re nearly all useless old codgers who sleep most of the day………… Go for the Leaping ‘Frogs’ game (yes, you get 10 frogs!) from Amazon just £5.95 – loads of fun on Christmas day!



On the eleventh day of Christmas. Eleven pipers piping.  Try 11 pipe cleaners; actually a pack of 100 is around £1.55 on ebay……. hours of mindless ‘fun’ bending and twisting. If she’s good she can make that puppy she’s always wanted or he can create the perfect ‘furry’ Ferrari!



On the twelfth day of Christmas. IF the loved one is still there……….Twelve drummers drumming. If you are limited by venue and budget, go for the Drum and Base Classics (3 CDs), more than 12 tracks of bum-rattling songs for just £14. Smooch, mooch and be merry!



Merry Christmas, from everyone at Lendfair! Have fun………