Positive Customer Feedback for April

Some more great positive customer feedback from feefo.com

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Confusion also Says


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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated; blame the government!”


“Government has no money; it earns nothing; it spends (often poorly, and with less economic impact than private spending) what it raises in taxes and what it borrows. So the Government spends the citizen’s money not its own. What it should do are the things that society need that private money can’t do; for example, large infrastructure projects, especially as it can borrow at the lowest interest ratesIt should also create and manage social projects, like the NHS and education (provision to all citizens equally based on need). This government, but particularly the last Labour Government have shown huge incompetence in the core tasks”


“The people vote in a Government. Generally it is based on ideologies – left wing – right wing. The people believe that informed government can make good decisions on its behalf. Why has this Government ceded the huge question of staying in the EU to the people who are not best placed to make this decision. The outcome of BREXIT will not be rational or informed, it will be emotional and ‘gut instinct’ based on emotive topics like immigration and Sovereignty? Of course the answer is that it will deal once and for all with the Euro-sceptics in the Conservative party; really? This is a huge gamble (already costing the UK dearly) that simply should never have been taken; The political line that it gives the power to the people is hogwash; many would prefer not to have to cast a vote”


“When will we get a Government with the balls to take a rational decision on the NHS. We love the concept of the NHS; we respect those working in it; but it remains hugely inefficient, underfunded on a per-capita basis and at the same time financially inept. We want it to remain free (almost) at the point of delivery; available to all – fairly. Do we care, given the foregoing, whether it uses own labour or private suppliers (it already does) if we get a good, efficient and cost effective service? No. So let’s de-politicise the NHS sooner rather than later making it free of political interference, coming to Government only for funding that is costed and approved by Law. Labour did this with the bank of England. The demography of the UK, the average lifespan and medical advances have all changed rapidly in the last 25 years; we need a new approach”


“Open a bank account and put 1p in it today;  each day thereafter double the amount you put in the account……….day 2=2p,   day 3=4p, day 4=8p etc. In just 27 days you will have over £1m in your bank account.  Sadly, the maths (though correct) does not reflect our ability to put money in the account in the first place!” – and the amount on day 27 is actually £1.342m; if you wanted to know!”

April Fools in the Past


On April 1, 1946, @nytimes reported the bronxzoo wouldn’t be taking any phone calls. #ApriLFools Day was the “silliest and most troublesome day of the Bronx Zoo’s whole year.” The zoo said the 1st of April “always brings telephone inquires for the Messrs. Behr, Wolfe, Lyons, Fox, Fisch, Campbell, Seal and Byrd, and ‘Miss Ellie Fant.’” This image, which accompanied the 1946 article, warned in its caption, “be on the lookout for the wallet with the string attached.” The @nytimesstaff photographer Ernie Sisto took this photo of 2 @ringlingbros clowns that same year. #tbt