Your chance to Win £1,000 tax free Simply vote for Lendfair in the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2017

Yes Lendfair have been shortlisted for the Moneyfacts consumer awards 2017 in the category, “Best non mainstream loan provider” of 2017.

And you can win £1,000 by taking part and voting for Lendfair.

Moneyfacts comment that; “Lendfair were shortlisted based on their product range and technical strengths”. The consumer survey (and your chance to win £1,000) represents 50% of the weighting for the best in category. The University of East Anglia (UEA) were commissioned to independently verify the consumer survey and process of the consumer awards.

So if you want to vote for Lendfair and have a chance of winning £1,000, tax free, then simply click on the link below, follow the survey instructions and vote for Lendfair!

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But hurry the survey closes on Friday 18th November.

Good luck! And thanks for voting for us…………….

From all of The LendFair team.

Terms & Conditions of survey and derails of the prize draw can be found on the

Why consolidating your debts can save you money

If, for whatever reason, you have a number of small, alternative and probably therefore high interest loans, consolidating to a single lower cost loan can reduce your regular payments and save real cash by reducing the interest you pay. But what if I have bad credit?  You can still reduce your loan repayments and interest paid by choosing a Guarantor loan.

How to do Debt Consolidation by applying for Guarantor Loans?

This works so that you can borrow at lower rates of interest based on the credit history of your Guarantor not your own. So, a friend or family member with a good to average credit history can, if willing, save you money and reduce your outgoings. Here’s an example to prove the point;-

How to Calculate Your Guarantor Loan?

You have a number of small loans, or rent to own assets that add up to nearly £4,000 of credit. Typically these may be costing something in the region of *£365 in payments each month, and on average, something like *£1,250 in interest each year (APR varying from 69.9% to 1,274%).

An Advantage29 loan for £4,000 over 3 years from Lendfair will cost £162.08 per month, with average annual interest of £611.63 (APR 29.9% Fixed) over it’s life. How much fairer is that!

Time to check out

*Bright house – £1,800 of goods repaying £23 per week for 156 weeks, APR 69.9%  and a £1,800 loan from 118118 repaying £142.65 per month for 24 months APR 99.9% and a loan of £400 from Mr Lender  repaying an average £123.38 per month for 6 months APR approx. 1,274%.   Total interest paid over 3 years £3,752 (annual average £1250.67)


LendFair are pleased to announce that with effect from 6th October 2016 they are

fully authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to undertake Consumer

Credit Lending, collection and debt adjustment.

Full permission 723561

For further information please contact James,

Tel:  01279 636260

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