No fees, no charges; fair loans even with bad credit?

December 29, 2016

A loan with no fees, no charges and where you tailor the amount borrowed to the nearest £100 and with a term to suit you, so that you borrow exactly what you need and with a repayment you can afford. How fair is that?

But it gets fairer; if you repay larger amounts as you can afford them, or if you settle your loan early, there are absolutely no fees or interest penalties. You only pay interest for the days you borrow, which also means a rebate of contractual interest………….. now that is fair!

Oh, did we mention; no fees or charges – ever, not for missed payments, not for changing a DD, not for talking to us; NO fees ever!  And the interest rate is fixed, so even if interest rates go up, your loan repayments won’t. We will also consider any Guarantor; tenant or home-owner.

The place of fair loans  Guarantor loans APR 29.9% (advantage) APR 47.9% (standard)

Terms & Conditions apply.

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