Stella Creasy – the Labour MP who has taken on the internet trolls and payday lenders

January 15, 2014

Stella Creasy, now just 37 (MP for Walthamstow) and whose name regularly crops up in the UK and International press is being tipped, more than once – though usually, but not exclusively, by women journalists – as a future Labour leader and therefore a potential future prime minister. Other accolades that have come her way include The Spectator magazine’s 2011 Campaigner of the Year.  In August 2012, the right-wing Taxpayers’ Alliance named her its “Pin Up of the Month” – a compliment directed not at her gender but at her stated views on economics.

Having campaigned against the “unfairness” of payday loans for some time, she took on Wonga in 2012 and won not just an apology, but free advertising for her chosen cause after Wonga admitted a Wonga employee had attacked her on Twitter.

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